Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Review: Brewer's Choice Gluten Free Pale Ale Kit

Over the Christmas break I purchased a Gluten free pale ale kit from Brewers choice With hopes of making a beer that I would enjoy drinking I went about brewing up a batch.

All the ingredients you require are included in the kit, yeast, malt, hops, yeast nutrient, whirlfloc tablet and finings.  N.B. If you are brewing vegetarian/vegan beer omit the finings as they contain gelatine.

The instructions were easy to follow, clearly detailing each step in the brewing process. The wort was boiled, cold crashed and put into the fermenter.  Fermentation time was around two weeks.  The beer was transferred to some sterilised bottles and left for a few weeks to carbonate.

This was a fantastic beer after carbonation.  The hops made for a very fruity beer that was very easy to drink.  We had no trouble getting through the amount we had brewed.  The kit was a very good way to learn the basics of extract brewing and has given me the confidence to try different recipes.

Brewers Choice distribute these kits direct to the public in Queensland, and are carried by other stores in Australia and New Zealand.  Contact Brewers Choice for your local distributor.


  1. I can confirm that this was indeed a very nice beer .. and that is coming from someone who happily indulges in non-gluten free beer when the opportunity presents itself.
    Unlike many other gluten free 'alternatives' out there, this was not a compromise.

  2. I'm looking to purchase a GF beer kit and came across this Brewer's Choice kit earlier today. Would you recommend this kit for someone who is a novice? (I'm in the States, not sure if they ship that far...)
    I've wanted to make my own GF beer for a while now, and would love any additional info as well!

  3. For a local brewer in Australia I'd recommend it. But for someone in the states I'd say go through a local supplier.

    Check out they have a great dedicated gluten free section. And as it is based in the states they should be able to help you with recipes and local suppliers.

    N.B. Keep gluten and gluten free brewing equipment seperate.

  4. Hey BrewMan101,

    Glad you liked our beer! We've been tracking your blog for a while now and were wondering if we could get an email address off you so we can email you the details of a new product of ours for you to try.