Sunday, 20 March 2011

Gluten-free Tripel Blonde - Brewday

This recipe has been provided by DKershner.  Hoping this makes a nice light coloured beer with a bit of a kick.

Brew day went well.  Due to my previous failure I was very thorough with the sterilisation, just to make sure no bugs ended up in the brew.

This is the recipe I used;

Gluten Free Tripel Blonde
1.4kg Sorghum Syrup @ 60 minutes
21g of Pearle @ 60 mins
7g of Pearle @ 30 mins
30g Saaz @ 15 mins
750g Sugar @ 15 mins
1.4kg Sorghum Syrup @ 60 mins
***Cold Crash***
4g packet of yeast nutrient
S-33 Safbrew yeast

This is a slight variation on the original recipe, which you will find here.


  1. Hi there.... really happy to have found a gluten free brewing blog using sorghum syrup for the base. I have recently got a tub too and was interested in brewing this beer.

    I am wondering you kept the notes on the aa% of the hops you used as well as any changes you may make if you were to brew it again?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm sorry I didn't keep the AA ratings for the hops, however Perle should be around 8% and Saaz approximately 3%.

    Do not use any clearing agent like whirlfloc or irish moss. The S-33 is left sort of suspended in the final beer and is cloudy, and that's the best it's ever tasted. When I used whirlfloc it just wasn't as good.

    The original recipe is linked above from DKershner's blog. Recommend checking that as well.

    Definitely let me know how you go.