Sunday, 3 March 2013

BRY-97 Follow up

Hi All,

So the BRY-97 brew turned out really good.  This recipe was a little unbalanced with too high bitterness.  Upping the Amber candy syrup probably would have balanced it out.

Now for the yeast.  I experienced a delay in the Krausen forming like all other brewers.  Although I understand it is fermenting quite well before the Krausen forms.  This beer finished in the usual 3 weeks time and cold crashed for a few days.  It produced a lot of trub compared to US-05, I'm talking two to three times the amount.  And as such I ended up sucking some into the keg.

I also brewed a glutenous beer with BRY-97 and it fell clear quite quickly, faster than US-05.  Although it ferments very cleanly it does remove a lot of the hop aroma.  This makes the yeast perfect for Pale Ales or Blonde beers which are not as hop aroma forward.

So the positives of this yeast:

  • Solid fermentation
  • Very clean flavour
  • Has no problems fermenting Sorghum
  • Falls clear
The negatives:
  • Slow to form a Krausen
  • "Steals" the hop aroma

I didn't bottle carbonate any of this batch, so if you do please share your experiences.