Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Centennial IPA - Drinking

Possibly one of my best beers.  I really liked this one.  With an IBU of approximately 66 it's nice and bitter without ripping your face off.  I tasted caramel coming through from the hops.  Good bottles from this batch poured with a head and left lacing in the glass.  This beer wasn't without fault, had a hard time getting the US-05 to drop and some bottles ended up with yeast floating in them.

A fellow brewer has given me some additional Centennial Hops so I'll be doing another batch of this soon.  I have given a bottle to someone for review and entered another bottle into a competition.  Hoping for some unbiased feedback.

Changes for a future brew are, adding Demerara sugar and gluten free maltodextrine.

Jaggery and Saffron - Drinking

Not a fan of this beer.  For it's appearance it's almost perfect.  It pours with a lovely head and retains it for a long time (15 to 30 minutes).  I'd say probably the biggest fault is that it ended too dry, could do with being sweeter.

Also the suggestion from Randy Mosher was adding the saffron to the secondary, which I didn't do.  And I should have put some orange peel and pepper (or grain of paradise) in the boil.