Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Centennial IPA - Drinking

Possibly one of my best beers.  I really liked this one.  With an IBU of approximately 66 it's nice and bitter without ripping your face off.  I tasted caramel coming through from the hops.  Good bottles from this batch poured with a head and left lacing in the glass.  This beer wasn't without fault, had a hard time getting the US-05 to drop and some bottles ended up with yeast floating in them.

A fellow brewer has given me some additional Centennial Hops so I'll be doing another batch of this soon.  I have given a bottle to someone for review and entered another bottle into a competition.  Hoping for some unbiased feedback.

Changes for a future brew are, adding Demerara sugar and gluten free maltodextrine.

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