Friday, 4 March 2011

Chocolate and Coffee Porter - Brewday

Edit:  This recipe was a failure.

This recipe is a month or so in the making.  Using information from both Home brew talk and Beer Smith I've combined recipes to make what I hope will be a half decent beer.

Ingredients and timings

1.4kg of sorghum syrup (150grams of that is dark candi syrup) @ 60 mins
2.5kg's of rice malt @ 60 mins
1kg of honey @ 60 mins
112 grams of corn based maltodextrine @ 60 mins
100 grams of cocoa @ 60 mins
21 grams of Perle hops @ 60 mins
21 grams of Saaz hops @ 15 mins
Cold pressed coffee @ 5 mins
*** Cold crash ***
Yeast nutrient
2 x packets of T-58 fermentis yeast

Starting gravity is 1068.  With all of the sugars in this brew, I'm expecting a very high alcohol content.


  1. T-58 isn't a yeast that I would recommend for a porter. I would go with US-05 or S-04.

    What was a failure? What didn't you like about the beer?

  2. Hi Chuck,

    To be honest I think this came down to a few points of failure.

    * Wrong yeast
    * Wasn't a great recipe
    * It was horribly sour, that's why I dumped it. Could be to do with the rice malt, or it could be down to the yeast.
    * Coffee should have been added to secondary, not primary.
    * Sorghum really isn't suitable for a porter. Porter really needs that malt flavour. If I could get gluten free oats in Australia I think that would work.

    May reconsider this type of brew in the future, maybe with malted millet or quinoa. But not for a while.