Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Jaggery and Saffron Belgian Triple - Update

This beer has been in the fermenter for about 6 days now.  A bit concerned that fermentation has stopped or slowed too much.  I've got a current gravity reading of 1020 last night, so I pitched an aditional sachet of S-04 Yeast.  Will see how that comes out.  In future I'll be using whirlfloc with these belgian style triples.

Flavour isn't impressing me at the moment but I'll wait till it's in the bottle before I decide.

Edit 27/05/11:
I'm happy to report that this beer still seems to be fermenting.  Now at 1017, so I'll leave it alone for another two weeks before getting it in the bottle.

Edit 30/05/11
Looks like I might have been too quick to be excited.  I think this beer might be stuck at 1017.  Will give it time to clear up, treat with gelatine and bottle in two weeks time.  But I think this might be another failure.
I don't think the Jaggery was as fermentable as I was expecting and I think I should have used whirlfloc in the boil.  Will be using whirlfloc in all future brews.

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