Sunday, 15 May 2011

Centennial Hopped IPA - Brewing

Busy day today, bottled the Honey Beer which required pasteurised honey and brewed a Centennial Hopped IPA.  The original recipe for the Centennial hopped ale is pulled from page 50 of the "250 Clone Brews" magazine.
The recipe is

Centennial Hopped IPA aka "The Ex"

1.4Kg Sorghum Syrup @ 60 minutes
14g Centennial Hops @ 60 minutes
14g Centennial Hops @ 45 minutes
14g Centennial Hops @ 30 minutes
14g Centennial Hops @ 15 minutes
1 x whirlfloc tablet @ 15 minutes
10g Centennial Hops @ 0 minutes
1.4Kg Sorghum syrup @ 0 minutes

*** Cold Crash ***

1 x packet of Yeast nutrient
2 x packets of US-05 yeast

Dry hopping with 10g Centennial Hops @ 7 days

OG: 1041 - Total volume 21L

The original recipe has this beer finishing at 5%, I think this will finish around 4%.  This is my first heavily hopped beer and will be my first dry hopped beer.  The Centennial Hops are 9.2% AA.

Big thanks to my wife for helping me clean up the malt extract I managed to get it all over the kitchen.

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  1. I'm just starting to explore GF brewing, but I will note that I've done this 2Hearted IPA a few times non-GF and it is quite outstanding. Of course, the Bell's commercial version is one of the best IPAs out there, so...