Sunday, 5 June 2011

Honey Ale Drinking - Centennial IPA bottling

The Honey Ale has finished carbing up.  Very nice flavour, not overly sweet and a good balance of honey flavour and hop bitterness.  Deceptively easy to drink.

Yesterday I also bottled up the Centennial IPA "The Ex".  I think this will be a cracker of a brew.  Sadly some yeast got into some of the bottles as I kept this vegan friendly by omitting the finings.  I made up 6 bottles in the 330ml Schnitzerbrau bottles for some friends to try. I'm sure they'll go down a treat.  The aroma from the Centennial hops is quite strong as is the bitterness, although I think the bitterness might drop a little as it carbs up.  I hope to put this beer into a local brewing competition to get some unreserved feedback and to put it against gluten based beers.

<space reserved for a picture of the honey ale>

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