Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sierra Nevada Inspired Pale Ale

I used the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for the skeleton for this recipe.  I've added more Cascade hops, and thrown in some Citra Hops at 15 minutes.  I was hoping to use Amber Candy Syrup but the delivery didn't arrive in time.

Code name:  Sierra Nevada Twist

OG:  1049

2.8Kg Sorghum Syrup @ 60 minutes
4.5 oz Maltodextrine @ 60 minutes
375g Demerara Sugar @ 60 minutes
5g Magnum Hops 13% AA @ 60 minutes
20g Perle Hops ?AA @ 60 minutes
28g Cascade Hops 5.5% AA @ 15 minutes
8g Citra Hops 13.4% AA @ 15 minutes
28g Cascade Hops 5.5% AA @ 10 minutes
1tsp Yeast Nutrient @ 10 minutes
28g Cascade Hops 5.5% AA @ 0 minutes
*** Cold Crash ***
1 x US-05 American Ale Yeast

I have tried a sample from the fermenter.  Damn it tastes good.  Hoping to have this in bottles within a week or so.  This could become a regular house brew.


  1. I recently brewed a 4 liter test batch of this as my first sorghum syrup beer. I didn't use any kettle finings and it's super cloudy. From your picture of the tasting it looked quite clear, so did I do something wrong or does it clear up after fermentation?

  2. Hi Dcylab,

    I brewed with whirlfloc which always makes for clear beer. However having said that my beer tends to be cloudy going into the bottle, but after bottle carbonation has taken place it falls clear.

    Whirlfloc is very cheap and you only really need half a tablet.

  3. Is this for a 20 liter recipe? Do you do a full boil volume boil? I am in the US and do traditional brewing but my neighbor has celiac and I thought I might give a gluten free beer a go...

  4. Hi Adam,

    Good luck with brewing for your neighbor. I use a 19L pot filling it 2/3 full with water and add half the sorghum at the start and half at the end. I've heard that a full boil is better from other gluten free brewers so if you have the capacity do a full boil.

    If your neighbor is highly sensitive to gluten it's best to use a separate fermenting vessel to put the beer into.

    I'm planning to upload an easier and better pale ale recipe this weekend but this is still a good recipe.