Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Belgian Beers - Having a crack

I think what really attracts me to Belgian Beers is there is no real retrictions on their styles.  Having read "Brew like a monk" and "Belgian Ale" I've been tempted to get my hands dirty.

Over the long weekend I've put down two different Belgian Inspired beers.  A Belgian Spiced and another of Dkershner's Belgian Tripels.  They're already bubbling away really well, and although the temperature in Brisbane is currently very cold (9 - 20 degrees celcius) the fermentation is keeping the wort above 16 degrees during the cold nights and early mornings.

For the Belgian Spiced Ale I used the "Delirium Tremens clone" as the basis for my beer.  You'll find the recipe here http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f73/pink-elephant-delirium-tremens-clone-112957/  Although I wound back the grains of paradise as I was concerned the spice may dominate.  I used the T-58 Fermentis yeast on this one.

The first time I brewed Dkershner's Blone Tripel, my only complaint was that it was a bit too easy to drink and missing some complexity.  At the end of the boil I added a teaspoon of crack coriander to the boil.  Hoping that it will add something to the beer, but not be enough that it can easily be picked out.  The original recipe from Dkershner can be found here http://brew.dkershner.com/2009/gluten-free-tripel-blonde/

The Spiced Ale is kept in a tub with some ice packs during the day so that it doesn't get too warm.  The Tripel is not being as closely controlled for temperature so I'll see how  the S-33 yeast handles getting up around 24 degrees (wort temperature not ambient).

First time using whirlfloc with these yeasts, hopefully it helps to clear them up a bit.

Centennial IPA update

This had a bit of yeast hanging around and some floaties made it into the bottles, some more than others.  If I can find a bottle with low floaties content I'll submit it to the local IPA competition for feedback.  If this beer turns out as good as I expect it could become a regular.

Saffron & Jaggery Ale

This beer has been bottled last weekend.  Will give an update on it's status in about 4 weeks.  Once it has had time to carbonate and age a little.  I used gelatine to clear up the suspended jaggery in this, it may have effected the end result.  Have to wait and see.


  1. Cracked cumin can also bring a certain spiciness, provided you go very easy with it--I found a 1/4 tsp to be enough.

  2. I find cumin to have an earthy smell to it in spice form. Would be interesting to taste it in a beer.

  3. Looking for a gluten free belgiem triple recipe can anyone help

  4. Try this one first. Quite easy to brew and the taste is great. http://brew.dkershner.com/2009/gluten-free-tripel-blonde/ Don't let the S-33 get too warm or it produces some off flavours.