Saturday, 12 November 2011

All Things Brewing - Update

The Sierra Nevada Pale Ale GF clone is going well.  Had a taste of a bottle to see how it's going and it tastes great.  Should be ready in another two to three weeks.  I'll take a bottle into the homebrew meeting for some feed back.

The Little Creatures Bright Ale GF clone is still in the fermenter for another week.  Taste tests for this are really good, wife says it tastes like normal beer, moreso than others I've made.  I'll be using this base for a Bright Ale No-Wheat Wheat beer.

Today I finished off a gluten free ginger beer brew.  This is my first trial batch, so if the results are good I'll be sure to share the recipe.  The aim is to have something light to drink during summer.  Also ginger is quite good for Celiacs.

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