Saturday, 5 January 2013

Dual Spires Black Lodge

Great name, even better beer.  Thanks to the generosity of another brewer who goes by the name "rlbois1" on homebrewtalk website I've been able to brew a new dark beer.  I didn't think I was alone in my love for this brew so I decided to get some other beer drinkers opinions.

This is the brew in question:

And here is the review from my wife and another fellow brewer (fwiw both drink a lot of great craft beers).  This beer was served from the keg.

Review 1:

  • Creamy off white head
  • Murky red colour
  • Good carbonation
  • Some hops and sorghum malt on the nose.  Balanced between them both.
  • Firm bitterness
  • Light body
  • Some twang
  • Licorice into finish with no esters.
  • Last mouthful was "dry, lasting hop bitterness, nice tarry sweet balancing note"
  • Overall a good beer 6 out of 10

Review 2:
  • Rich aroma, sweet
  • Strong hops on the tongue
  • Candy syrup and molasses lingers in aftertaste
  • Taste liquorice in the aftertaste
  • Fuller mouthfeel compared to my other gluten free beers
  • Lacing evident in the glass
  • Fairly clear
  • 7.5 out of 10 - Overall very drinkable. 
Thanks again to rlbois1 for the recipe which you can find here -> Dual Spires Black Lodge Ale



  1. I also brewed this beer and had one last night after 3 weeks in the bottle. Great beer; probably one of the best GF beers i've had. Needs a bit more time in the bottle to properly finish carbing and age but I like the flavors that the D180 provides. May also add a bit more hops and more maltodextrin next time. Any thoughts on how you would improve opon it?

  2. I'm really happy with how this turned out. I'm unlikely to change anything about this recipe but I am planning a Black IPA based off this base. I'll be sure to post the recipe when it's done.

    Don't forget to save a bottle or two for a few months. I think this will probably get better with a bit of age.