Saturday, 18 August 2012

Double IPA - Drinking

This would have to be my favourite beer so far.  I was happy with the amount of body (although it can always do with more), the abundance of hop flavour and the huge grassiness from all the dry hopping.

I passed it onto a local craft bar owner who rated it as the best gluten free beer they've tried yet.

I've also entered the beer in the Queensland Amateur brewing competition to get some critical feedback.  I'll be sure to post the results when I hear back.

As per the photo, it definitely looked the part.

Was it a hop too far?  No.  It turned out just right :)


  1. Did you receive any feedback?

  2. Unfortunately due to some postage issues my feedback was lost in the mail from the state competition. I did score 33 out of 50 overall which I was happy about. The feedback I did hear about was that it was well received. I'd say the points I'm missing are for the malt flavours not being present. Still a great beer in spite of this.