Friday, 1 June 2012

A Hop Too Far? (IIPA) - Brewing

Ok, I confess.  I'm a hop addict.  Can't get enough of American hops.  So it was inevitable that I'd try and make a Double IPA.  This beer is a bit of a beast and if all goes well, should be quite drinkable.  Although the dry hops are listed I haven't reached that stage of fermentation yet.  The aroma coming off this beer at three days in is the stuff dreams are made of.  I expect this will come together very well in the bottle.

Also I used Calcium carbonate in an attempt to lower the acidity from the fermented sorghum, in the boil this time.  And I added the Amber Candy Syrup at flameout.  This should make for a nice amber coloured beer.

8oz Maltodextrine @ 60 minutes
1.4Kg Sorghum Syrup @ 60 mins
0.75oz Columbus Hops @ 60 mins
0.75oz Centennial Hops @ 60 mins
0.5oz Cascade Hops @ 30 mins
0.5oz Columbus Hops @ 30 mins
0.5oz Centennial Hops @ 30 mins
1 x whirlfloc tablet @ 15 mins
0.5oz Cascade @ 15 mins
0.5oz Centennial Hops @ 15 mins
0.5oz Cascade Hops @ 5 mins
0.5oz Centennial Hops @ 5 mins
0.5oz Chinook Hops @ 5 mins
1tsp Calcium carbonate @ 5 mins
1 tsp Yeast Nutrient @ 5 mins
500ml Amber Candy Syrup @ 0 mins
1.4Kg Sorghum Syrup @ 0 mins
*** Cold Crashed for 30 minutes ***
2 packets of US-05 American Ale Yeast

Dry hops
1oz Cascade Hops
1oz Centennial Hops
1oz Chinook Hops
1oz Citra Hops


  1. Hey BreMan101:
    Great job on the double IPA. You really hit the hops quite hard, didn't you? One question, though, it appears the "0.75oz Columbus Hops @ 60 mins" showed up twice - for 60 minute addition. Was that intentional or just a typo.

    Again, great job.

    Keep up the good work.

    A Fan.

  2. Thanks for picking that error up. Should have been Columbus and Centennial.

    If you've got lots of American hops, this is the beer to brew. Too expensive otherwise.

  3. Great looking recipe. Is it for a 5 gallon batch size?

  4. Yeah, sorry I should have said it was 19 litres.

    This was well worth brewing.

  5. Why did you put in two packets of yeast for a 5 gallon batch? I don't see that very often. This brew looks delicious (and I loved your quick review of it) and I want to make it myself.

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    I regularly use two packets of US-05 for a few reasons.
    * I don't need to bother with a starter
    * It's insurance for a good fermentation
    * If the yeast are stressed at all they will produce off flavours

    Is it absolutely necessary? No. Just hedging my bets :)

    Good luck brewing this beer. It was really popular with the hop heads.

  7. Trying this recipe (or a variation on it) tomorrow!

    Though I am running some very high AA hops and sort of a big spectrum of them including: Summit, Simcoe, Columbus and Chinook...

    What was your OG? Final?

    1. Hi John,

      Good luck with the brew tomorrow, this was a fantastic beer. The only change I would recommend is adding about 1kg of Sorghum or Rice malt to bring up the OG and the ABV to be around 7%.

      I recommend typing your recipe into Brewers Friend's free calculator. It will work out a pretty close approximation of the OG and FG for you.