Friday, 19 August 2011

Tangelo Orange and Coriander Hefeweizen

With two days off from work, what better to do than brew some gluten free beer.

I missed the supply of Blood Oranges in Brisbane (I saw them for one weekend at the markets).  So with Tangelo Oranges well in season and their skins smelling fantastic when pierced, I decided to re-do my orange and coriander beer.  If using normal oranges in place of Tangelos, peel an extra two Orange skins.

Tangelo Orange and Coriander Hefeweizen (without wheat)

2.8Kg Sorghum Syrup @ 60 minutes
112g Tapioca based maltodextrine @ 60 minutes
400g Cane sugar (invert syrup would be better) at 60 minutes
15g Hallertaur Hops @ 60 minutes
15g Tettanager Hops @ 20 minutes
20g cracked coriander seeds @ 20 minutes
6 Tangelo peels @ 20 minutes
15g Tettanager Hops @ 0 minutes
1 teaspoon of yeast nutrient @ 0 minutes
*** Cold crash for 30 minutes ***
2 packets of Fermentis WB-06 wheat beer yeast
Filled the fermenter to 21.5L

Original Gravity for this was 1049


  1. Hey, I was following your blog and thought this was a really interesting recipe. Any word yet on how it turned out?

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  3. Hi Stephen,

    This update is for this particular beer.

    I'd probably increase the orange skins by two. And use some dark candy syrup if it's in your budget.

    This is almost the identical beer, but better.

  4. Sweet, thank you, I'll check out the update!